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Why we are the perfect partner in 4 steps - step 1


We help early stage founders & startups build top-notch products with a full featured team at a fraction of the price


Who are we?

We are ByteForged and our core business principle is simple.

Help early stage founders & startups build great products without having to invest in infrastructure and operations

What can we do for you?​

We will provide you a fully featured team of industry experts to bring your idea to life.

A team that’s ready to do all the heavy lifting for you so you can relax knowing that your product development is in capable hands.

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Why choose us?​

We give a disproportionate advantage to early-stage startups and non-technical founders who want a tech partner.

By utilizing our extensive experience, knowledge and access to resources we build rock solid foundations from which you can grow and scale at light speed.

Some of the projects we’re proud of

How we launched a real time sports betting app for Bleacherbook

How we built an entire livestreaming solution for Popcide

How we built the best personal health record system for AlertCards

0 to 200 users. Super-charging AlertCards growth

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We understand how hard it is to find a solid dev team

Our clients shared many of the same struggles as you do

Issues finding dependable devs

The REAL issue is finding dependable people who can consistently deliver, on spec, on time, all the time

Freelancers and micromanagement

Freelancers are great! IF you enjoy micromanaging and setting time away from building your business

Risking IP (Intellectual Property)

Its hard to protect IP and source codes when your regular dev's barely understand what a security framework is

Overpriced and unfair quotes

Looking at prices upwards of $30,000 for your MVP without even factoring in revisions and maintenance. Does that sound reasonable to you?

Communication challenges

Different cultures, accents and different time zones make finding a good fit almost impossible

The solution: A team that has your best interests at heart

What you need is a team that can crush goal after goal, on time, all the time. Thats why our retention rate is at 100%!

Rock solid dev team

Our completion rates have been on spec and on time for the last 4 years! We have a 100% client retention rate because of this!

Fully managed development

You will have access to a dedicated PM who will manage, deliver, ensure quality, cost and timelines. No hand holding needed!

In-house development and security

All of the work is done by our in-house developers who have been thoroughly vetted by us so you can rest easy about your IP's security.

Clear communication on the same wavelength

Your PM will be fluent and proficient in your native language and will be working with you in your timezone

Tested & documented

When it comes to code some things are non-negotiable for us, like testing and documentation. Everything we build will be thoroughly tested and documented.


Our team helps you build products
that users love

We seamlessly integrate into your business workflow whether you are looking to create a new application, or need help with an existing solution.

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Internal Tool Development

How we produce excellent results consistently

”By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." (Benjamin Franklin).

We analyse your requirements, goals,
and validate your market to determine the best
team size, skills, and resources for your project.

Based on the research, we build highly attractive and compelling designs to fit your market and resonate with your target audience or to stand out completely from the crowd.

We use agile methodologies to always deliver on time, all the time with 0 difference in our exceptional quality.

Your dedicated Project Manager will oversee the development process. Features will be scheduled to be released every 2 weeks. They will manage all aspects of the project, including UI/UX, testing, and DevOps as required.

Our team will test all completed features and aspects of your application thoroughly and prepare everything for you to have a smooth launch with no down time.

We will monitor your application 24/7 to makes sure there's no downtime and if a problem arises we will be on the case within minutes to fix things

Testimonials 😍

Our trustpilot page literally has no reviews that are not 5 stars. Hard to hate us when we deliver on time on budget all the time!

4 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

loved by founders worldwide


Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers

We are a team of developers, designers and engineers. Our goal is to help our partners streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and increase revenue through the use of cutting-edge software.

You hire us; our team does the work. It's that simple. Projects aren't outsourced

Yes, we usually recommend a NDA as a part of our sign on process

Sure, we want you to get to know them!

Officialy you get 200 hours of work but when required we are ready to go nights without sleep.

We have a pretty strict schedule so if the meeting is absolutely required to move the project forward then yes.

Payments are easy and simple. Credit cards, Debit Cards, ACH are available options

When we put our team together we screened them pretty thoroughly for their knowledge and experience. Every team member working with us, from developers to designers have at least 3 years of field experience

We will monitor your application 24/7 to makes sure there's no downtime. If a problem arises we will be on the case within minutes. We will also take care of keeping your application up to date

No we dont use AI to code. We do not want any private information that should remain secure being used in training of public AI's

We only spend time on absolutely required meetings and all of our operations are optimized based on experiences we have had in the past. This allows us to be more competitive than any agency out there and deliver results in a fraction of the time with better quality

Once you have on boarded you will have direct access to the founder

We have never had an issue like this since we were founded however if you feel like a team member is under performing we would replace them

There is no minimum time commitment. You can also take a break or start again later when you want

We do: Java, JavaScript( frameworks like React, Angular, Next.JS, React Native included ), C, C++, C#, .NET, RUST, Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Flutter, XD, Figma, WordPress, Shopify, Python, AI's, Machine Learning

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